Fashion Street Style

would you like to tell us what you are wearing today? it is inclined to be korean style; korean, casual, student style. the material of which is woolen. plus, the signs of english letters and some accessories. overall, i really like it. your bag is adorable. i like animals. approximately, i will visit

a zoo a dozen times in a one month. therefore, dolls, sculptures, stuffed toys and everything else at home are all related with animals. so the archetype of this bag is an animal. also, white tigers are one of my favorite animals. they have sacred meanings under the contexts of other cultures. i also hope my bag could bring me luck.

your style is adorable, special, different from other people. it is casual. according to today’s weather in shanghai, it is not hot, but i am afraid it might get cold indoors. so i am wearing a denim jacket. i think denim jackets will never be out of fashion and it could be matched with everything. how would you like to describe your style?

casual, relaxing, and warm. the most special part is your face. thank you.

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