Fashion Hair Styles

it’s time to get stylingwith sunny day style files. hi, it’s me, sunny, with another lookinside the style files. you’re going to need a brush,a teasing comb, hair elastics, hair clips, pink color hair sprayand paper towels to make a fabulous friendship braid! ready to get styling?great! brush your hair to make surethere are no tangles, this style works best on damp hair. using the tail of a teasing comb,

part your hair down the centreon the top of your head. then make another partso you’ve created a v. clip that section backso it’s out of your way. after parting the other sidethe same way, start at the base of the vand grab three small pieces of hair. we’re going to braid these togetherand start a heart braid! working towards the front of your head,take the right piece, loop it under the middle pieceand pull it through. then take the left piece, loop it underthe middle piece and pull it through.

then repeat! once you’ve done this a couple of times,start to add hair from the bottom and top! you do that by grabbing some loose hairfrom the front, and combining itwith your left three pieces. hair from the top combineswith the left piece, goes under the middle piece,then pull it through. hey, that looks great! as you add hair, start to bringthe braid back, making a curve as you go. keep braiding until there’s no more hairto add from the front.

that’s right, keep braiding! left, under and through! right, under and through! look, a heart is forming! once you’ve finished braiding, tie it offwith a hair elastic so it stays in place! now, do the other side! once both braids are done, use anotherhair elastic to the two together. wow, it looks just like a heart! how about making your heart bright pink?

some pink colored hair spraywill do the trick! but make sure to cover the restof your hair with a paper towel, so, only the heart turns pink. amazing! the friendship braid! – ta da!- heart braids, we match! that’s definitely one for the style files! keep smiling, keep styling! [laughing]

get styling with sunny day! weekdays on nickelodeon. you can watch more sunny dayin the free nick junior app.

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