Fashion Fades Only Style Remains The Same

tap the bell icon on the youtube app and nevermiss out on unique stories from 101india fire cut has been our family business forthe past 50 years i’ve seen my father cutting hair since childhood and it became my passion to do the same he was famous for mithun style, anil kapoorstyle, and many others when he used to do the fire cut, it was aspectacle for the people in the area when a customer walks into the shop, we showthem a catalogue of different hairstyles and ask them to choose

we first suggest a hair wash and shampoo after the shampoo, we blow dry the customer’shair then we give a basic side cut with the trimmer now comes the trick, i will set his hair witha candle the customers are a bit skeptical when theycome for a fire hair cut they are afraid of damaging their hair i tell them that it will only help your hair i was excited to know how candle cutting happens i was afraid at the first time but then itwas all good

if you have soft or messy hair which doesn’tset even after a wash then you should get a candle cut it’s not for everyone the first fire haircut i did was in 2006 and when i burnt somsone’s hair for the firsttime the entire shop started stinking the fire cut costs around 100 rupees and it takes approximately 30 minutes fromstart to finish i have just one dream

when my father used to do this, there wasno facebook and youtube only people from the area knew about his skills i want the whole world to know about this my relationship with the fire haircut comes from my childhood it will remain my whole life it is my favourite hair cutting techniqueand it makes me happy

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