Fashion And Style Quotes

ok, so i’m screwing it up. i don’t want to, i just wish that i knew what i could do to… nigel? nigel, nigel no i don’t know what you expect me to do. there’s nothing in this whole closetthat’ll fit a size six. -i can guarantee you. -these are all sample sizes-two and four.

– all right. we’re doing this for you. and– a poncho? you’ll take what i give youand you’ll like it. – we’re doing this dolce for you.- hmm! and shoes – jimmy choo’s.- hmm. – manolo blahnik.- wow. nancy gonzalez. love that okay, narciso rodriguez.this we love – uh, it might fit. it might.- what?

okay. now, chanel. you’re in desperateneed of chanel. darling, shall we? we have to get to the beauty department, and god knows how long that’s going to take i mean, i have no ideawhy miranda hired her. me neither. the other day,we were in the beauty department. she held up the shu uemura eyelash curlerand said, "what is this?" i mean, i just knewfrom the moment i saw her- she was going to bea complete and utter disast- miranda priestly’s office.

no, actually she’s not available, but i’ll leave a word. ok, thanks. bye. how did- are you wearing the ch- the channel boots? yeah, i am. you look good. what? she does. oh, shut up, sue.

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