Eva Longoria Fashion Style

hi i’m shirley li with entertainment weekly and i am here with the cast of power ranger i was thinking not today we could kind of show me how to be a power ranger because it’s always been a dream of mine to be a power ranger but i i will say that i’m not ready here’s what i usually do all right here comes an attacker and i and i go well how’s that

that’s definitely really fighting he’s not confrontational at all so it would work because i need is a great fighter jamie how do you guys block all right my block for now i call it the bomb shelter i go like this that is ok long time see that i do i get a lot of times right but i also perry right what did you get out of the way out the way is less work for

the body could you please demonstrate remaining yeah remember our little in the montage oh yeah and i’m light it’s just right like this is a very it’s nothing i can’t i kind of a very gay are we gonna happen right it’s not it’s a quick what is exactly what power and like magic you speed it up about a hundred times i do some way thai boxing

but so a lot of times i get into the zone of kind of like protecting your face up here right but then that’s no good because when you’re pretty as you are in a movie you really want to see your face so you gotta drop it down low mm-hmm and apparently this is more like superhero like an oxidant and lows but it really doesn’t work in a real world

setting cuz right away you get oh man tag that you want to go low ok you want to you one really wind up like really really sell it right things that wind up windmill and throw the fact i got it i got this down alright we are going to on the count of three do our poses all together so we’d look like the rangers all write that down all right all right

i’m hope this is going to work all right go see power rangers it’s out this weekend march 24 go go power ranger guy whoa

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