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victoria beckham is becoming a vlogger.you’re watching what’s trending i’m kacey spivey. don’t forget to like andsubscribe for more social media news daily and ring the bell stay up to datewith our videos. victoria beckham is an english businesswoman, fashion designerand former spice girl. she’s married to football idol davidbeckham and has four adorable children and is bffs with the royal family. whatelse could a girl possibly want? maybe a diamond play button? "i am starting m own youtube channel that will be full of styling tutorials, lots of stuff from me." for years therehas been a great divide between traditional celebrities and youtuberfame but with the changing landscape,

many traditional celebs are headed tothe digital space. like russell brand, sarah silverman and amy poehler. and thelatest to make the jump is miss posh spice herself. but also like why? "this isa new chapter right now. i can put my foot on my gas and do everything that i’vewanted to do for a long long time." youtube allows creators to create whatthey want… what they really really want with no oversight. plus the money isreally good. youtuber liza koshy was just named as one of four of 30 under 30and reportedly earned seven figures at the age of 22. beauty blogging inparticular can bring in a lot of money. a lot of makeup tutorialists go on tocreate their own makeup lines. like

jeffrey star who admitted to shanedawson that he makes millions, plural, a year running his brand. but doesn’tvictoria beckham like already have millions? according to time magazine,pasha’s net worth is about 450 million dollars. and honestly, that’s like so muchmore than she would make from any advertising money on youtube, right? right?right guys? am i wrong? victoria already does have a youtubechannel with a handful of videos promoting her brand, but nothing like thevlogger selfie story time stuff that’s become tropes of the youtubestyle. in fact it’s kind of hard to imagine posh spice vlogging. or likehaving any reaction at all. hello

everyone, i’m in my million dollar houseand i’m going to unbox something today. oh wow, what’s a surprise. is that what it’sgonna be like? what is she gonna call her her audience?posh spicer’s? but all jokes aside, this announcement is huge for youtube.many of youtube’s top creators are leaving or taking a break suffering fromburnout or a dwindling paycheck. major youtube based media companies like defyare even going under citing market conditions as a reason for closure.so maybe victoria’s goals aren’t financial and maybe they’re morepersonal. the cloud of the spice girls has loomed over her entire career andmaybe she’s ready for people to get to

know the real her. and the spice girlshave announced a reunion tour and victoria has decided not to join them,showing even more evidence that she’s ready to move on. the big question willbe: can victoria build a genuine audience without all the frills of productioncompanies and all the brands and everything already built in? but what doyou think? will you subscribe to her channel? let usknow in the comments section and for more of what’s trending head to what’s trending.com.

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