Drake Fashion Style

– in what universeis the family circus better than dilbert?for instance–oh. yo, what’s up, man?how you… been?- oh, you know, cuz. keepin’ it straight. [suspenseful percussive music] ♪ you know.- all right, cool. well, i guessi’ll check you later.

– all right, dog. what you should have seenwas rain people, with james caanand shirley knight. – yo. – uh, what’s up, man?- [laughs] – you got something to say? – yeah, man, um… how’s denise? – oh, yeah, denise.she good, she good, she good.

anyway, guess i’ll catch youon the flip. – yeah, dog, yeah.ain’t no thing. – come on, stick it. – i’m in there, dog.- come on. – no, i’m in there, dog.i’m in there. – tuck it.- i’m in there. – tuck it.- i’m tuckin’ it in, brother. i’m in there, dog.i’m in there, dog. i’m in there, dog.

– you know.all right. – oh. huh, anyway, you know,you gotta come real, come correct, when you comingat all, you know? [laughs]that’s basically how i roll. [sewing machine humming]if you ain’t got–if you ain’t–

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