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[music] rolling your shirt sleeves is an easy wayto stay cool in hot weather. keep your sleeves clean when working and give any shirt a more laidback appearance. today, we are going to cover five methods to roll your shirt sleeves. to start, first unbutton your cuffs and besure to unbutton the gauntlet as well. the first method is the aifa roll, also known as theforearm roll.

very quick, very easy. roll the shirt once using the cuff as your guide, then simplyroll again. this is a very casual looking roll and, it�s only problem is it�s easy to come undonethroughout the day. next, we have the basic shirt sleeves roll. it starts up the same as the aifa roll, rollingthe cuff twice. the only difference is you�re going to rollit a third time.

this roll sits a little bit higher up the arm and it won�t come undone as easilyas the aifa roll. next stop is the high roll. it starts the same as both the aifa and thebasic roll, but instead of stopping at two or three rolls, you�re goingto roll it a fourth time to well above the elbow. this roll looks good if you got muscular arms andit�s very useful for work situations when you want

to keep your sleeves nice and clean. the fourth roll on this list is my favorite,the master roll. for this one, you will put the cuff further up the sleeve, then fold the excessfabric over it. this results in a very clean looking roll, one that will not come undone throughout theday. and, best of all, when you want to unroll your shirt sleeves, one quick pull of thecuff is all it takes. finally, we have the old school garter roll.

not seen very often, this uses sleeve garters although you can substitute with a rubberband. pull the garter partway up your arm, thenslide the whole sleeve up the desired height. cover the garter with the excess fabric andyou�re done. though not technically a roll, this methodcreates a very clean look that won�t fall down easily.

for a step by step visual guide on how toroll your shirt sleeves, check out the infographic and article over at real men real style. make sure to like this video, subscribe toour youtube channel and let me know in the comments whatyou thought of this video.

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