Different Fashion Styles For Men

– [camera man] there ya go. – that’s enough. (record scratches)(funky instrumental music) – today, we are going to be wearing high-fashion jockstraps for the whole day. – hell no, i never worea jockstrap before. i used to box, though. i never wore a cup ornothin’, you know what i mean? – i’ve never seen peoplewear jockstraps for fashion.

i imagine i’m going tolook like a hairy stripper. – okay. – oh, my god, that is so small. – honestly, i like the colors. i feel like this is the jockstrap captain america would wear. – the jockstraps that i wore for hockey were just plain white, and there was a big plastic cup in the front.

this is nothing like that, thisis a mankini for my weenie. – i don’t see myself as a sexy person, you dig what i’m saying,so lookin’ at this is like, this is really uncomfortable. – it’s like a chin strap. hello. – okay, and completely naked. – oh, my god, this feels so uncomfortable. i feel exposed, my culo’s out.

– the only thing that’son my mind right now is there’s a small bagholding my testicles. – you know, i think it’sinteresting to think that women wear stufflike this all the time, like really revealing underwear,thongs, all that stuff. – it’s gonna be reallystrange wearing this jockstrap under my clothes, eventhough no one can see it. this is gonna be a mental journey through my own comfortlevel with my own body.

– i feel very uncomfortable. people keep askin’ mewhat’s wrong with me. – he’s such a baby. try wearing a thong. – i just went to staples. now, i don’t really ever go commando, but i think this is apretty similar feeling. there’s nothing in the back separating my butt cheeks and my jeans

and it feels really nice actually. – i’m about to go show my girlfriend. she’s gonna die laughing. – i had to change out of my work clothes into my gym clothes in the locker room and i felt really self-conscious ’cause i was wearing thejockstrap, obviously, and i didn’t want otherguys in the gym to see me. and it made me realize it’s kinda fucked

that i would judge someoneif i saw a guy wearing that at the gym. ya know, wear whatever the fuck you want. more power to you. who am i to judge? – i’m kinda used to this jockstrap so far ’cause you can use thebathroom without taking it off. – alright, so the 24 hours of wearing the high-fashion jockstrap is over

and i actually really liked it. it was very comfortable. this was a wonderfulexercise in body confidence. – i learned that i stillhave a lot of insecurities about my body, about my masculinity. if i was completely confidentand secure in who i am as a person, i should’vebeen able to wear that and not cared at all. if you’ve got the confidenceto rock a jockstrap, go for it.

you might learn something. (mellow instrumentals)

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