Demi Lovato Fashion Style

i’ve been a fan of the kardashian-jenner family for about six years now. i think people have these preconceived notions of kendall, especially because she did grow up on reality tv. over time, especially the style aspect of her life, i think kendall’s really grown. now she has really developed her own sense of style as a woman and especially as a model.

while her sisters are a lot more toned-up, wearing their see-through shoes and mini-dresses all the time. kendall has more of a relaxed kind of style. instead of getting dressed up, she can still look beautiful toned down. she works it. my first real memory of kendall is the episode of keeping up with the kardashians where she

approaches kris and tells her she wants to be a model. at a young age, for me, watching that it was kind of inspiring because even though she was young, she was able to say, “okay, i want to be a model. this is what i want to do and i have goals. i want to accomplish them and

make them happen now.” oh wow. that looks so amazing! it feels crazy. i’ve never had hair this long. time to get my kardashian glow on. i can see why she doesn’t do it every day then. compared to her sisters, they’ll have a photoshoot or an event or anything,

even just a walk to get ice cream or something, they do this. this look is definitely drastically different than her 2011 look. i mean, the hair is just as long but the glam is bumped up times a thousand. i mean, she’s really figuring out her style. i’m so excited! oh wow!

holy moly! oh my gosh! this is amazing. i feel powerful. yeah, i feel confident, strong. i know just getting ready in general makes you feel better a lot of the time, but this is like a step up from getting ready. oh my gosh.

this makeup feels so much lighter than all that tan. i like how they look on but i probably couldn’t put them on correctly myself if my life depended on it. i’m so excited. i really want to see it right now. i love this look. i like the straight brows. i didn’t know if it’d work on me but i love it.

i feel like a jenner. i need to take a selfie. kendall-approved. thank you so much for watching refinery29. for more videos, click here. and to subscribe, click here.

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