David Beckham Fashion Style

– you’re doing some workwith united nations– goodwill ambassador,and your husband david has tons of tattoos, so what we thought we’d do is, we would play a game called"tats on becks." – [laughs][audience laughter] – i’m going to name a tattoo— okay. – and you’re going to haveto correctly identify the body part that it’s on,

and uh–so for each one,we’ll donate $1,000– – oh, that’s great.- to the united nations fund. – thank you so much, thank you.- all right? [cheers and applause]- thank you. – it’s up to you. you’re welcome,if you can do it. it’s–so i’ll name a tattoo. first of all…from top to bottom. the name of david’s–of your kids on david’s back.

so, in what order? – is it cruz, romeo, brooklyn– no, romeo–[audience laughter] cruz, brooklyn? – yes, yes.- is– – how did you not knowthe order of that? [audience laughter][bell dings] all right, we’ll give youthe $1,000– – that’s not very good, is it?- but it’s not right.

it’s not right.[audience laughter] – okay.you need to look at his back more often. [audience laughter] all right. where is harper’s tattoo? – oh, on the–on the collarbone. – which one?- oh… – left or right?[audience laughter]

– right, uh…his left? – if you’re looking at him… – right?[audience laughter] [audience laughter]left? [laughs] i’m so bad at this! i need to look at him more.- you’re get–i don’t know– – oh, my god,this is really bad! – it’s on the left collarbone.- it’s on the left. i’m sure i said "left"at some point.

– we’re going to take moneyaway from you–we’re gonna– right now you owe me $2,000.- okay. – all right.- okay. – where is the sexy victoriatattoo? – oh, now that is on his arm.- where? – are you gonna ask me–(both) which arm? – his left?- yes, all right. – there we go.- yes. [cheers and applause]

we got one right. [loud cheers and applause] – all right.[cheers and applause] where is the ellen tattoo? don’t tell me he hasn’tshown you that. – i get a feeling that could beon his bottom. – yep, it is. – there we go.- there–well, it’s– [audience laughter]right there.

– [laughs][cheers and applause] let me–let me total upwhat you’ve won so far. so, uh… minus the 1,000, and then–[audience laughter] let’s round it up… we’ll just round it upto $10,000, that we’ll donate– [cheers and applause]- oh, thank you so much. – thank you, shutterfly,for that.

– you’re welcome.victoria beckham collection is now available at barneys.fantastic.

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