Cute Fashion Styles

1. not cold enough for tights? add knee high boots and socks. 2. or just opt for over-the-knee boots for a slightly sexier vibe. 3. sometimes sweater dresses can be kind of shapeless. a skinny belt cinched at the waist helps with that. 4. stay super casual with a pair of sneakers. 5. it’s me! i like to wear my sleeveless sweater dress with a blanket scarf draped over my shoulders as a poncho and ankle or knee high boots. 6. to keep your sweater dress from being too preppy, tie a plaid shirt around your waist. 7. leather leggings make a cool contrast against a slouchy knit sweater dress. flats dress it down, while heels dress it up. 8. a long statement necklace breaks up the dress a little bit and gives a boho vibe. 9. add a cool hat and sunglasses for more a street style look.

10. tights and heels keep your sweater dress looking prim and proper. 11. layer with a vest for an easy winter look. 12. yes, a sweater dress can be sexy! go for a long version and add heels to glam it up. 13. knit leggings and ankle boots make for the coziest outfit. 14. if you hate showing skin, wear a sweater dress over tight skinny jeans. the trick to keeping the look from being bulky is to choose a darker pair and add heels. 15. a pair of solid-colored pumps make even a knit sweater dress look professional and dressed up. 16. stay cozy with a scarf that matches the dress. 17. try a little layering action by wearing a button down under your sweater dress. let the collar and sleeves pick out, and add a statement necklace for some glam. 18. knee socks and oxford shoes look so cool with the right sweater dress.

19. make your sweater dress more glam with a big statement belt, over-the-knee boots, and lots of gold jewelry. 20. keep things casual and simple by just adding a pair of chunky ankle boots.

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