Cowgirl Fashion Style

hi, i’m dustin here at callisters on behalfof expert village and today i’m going to talk a little bit about fashion tips for you soif you do end up going cowboy you don’t want to look, well ridiculous. so, what, firstnumber one tip, we want to keep your hat, your belt and your boots to match or we wantto have contrasting colors, you’ll notice mine is a grey, but it also has brown on it,which matches the belt and the boots, we don’t want to go with something like black withbrown now that’s, some people go well what’s the big deal with that it’s just it just basicallysocial faux pas. if you get something black like this you want to have a black hat oryou want to, with your belt you might want to have blue highlights on it something thatjust goes with the boots, we also want to

make sure your belt matches your boots asclose as possible color wise. if you get something that’s a little off it’s ok but we don’t wantto be going yellow with black it’s gonna look, well you look like a bumble bee. ladies thesame way, ladies are a little better than this. i’ve seen a lot of guys come in hereand they, they just don’t get the concept but make sure that your colors match as muchas possible.

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