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hi, i’m lucy hendricks from the fashion workshop in this video, i’m tackling some styling dilemmas that many of us experience particularly now that the mercury has started to rise and we’re peeling off more and more layers so i’m going to start by answering some questions from katies customers who’ve reached out on facebook our first question is from cheryl who asks "i’m self-conscious of baring my upper arms this summer yet i don’t want to have to wear long sleeves all season. what are my options? well cheryl a flattering option is an off-the-shoulder style it’s not only bang on trend, but it cleverly covers and conceals the upper arm the added bonus, is that it visually broadens the shoulders which in turn

balances a curvy bottom half, so it’s a win-win the second option is to look for tops and dresses with flutter sleeves as they skim rather than cling to the upper arm third option is to layer sleeveless tops and dresses with a lightweight bolero so you keep the area covered get still remain cool and confident all summer long our next question is from robin who asks? hi, i haven’t worn a dress in years as they made me look and feel frumpy what styles would you suggest? well robin there are three things you need to consider when looking for a flattering dress to suit your body shape they are neckline waistline and hemline, that’s why this flattering floral dress is one of my key picks for the season firstly the neckline the scoop neckline flatters a medium to large bust also neckline detail add some extra drama

secondly the waistline it has a belt, which instantly creates waist definition and magically carves out an hourglass silhouette thirdly the hemline it hits the universally flattering length just on or just below the knee it could also be laid with a complementing bolero if you prefer some arm coverage so a next styling question comes from chris who asks help i hate exposing my legs and summer yet i don’t want to have to wear pants all season what can i wear? well chris this maxi dress is the perfect summer style solution it conceals and skims over curvy hips and thighs and is both flirty and feminine the v-neck line flutter sleeves and empire waistline also flatter the upper body whilst the accessories further draw the eye line upwards towards your face

well, i hope that’s helped you with some of your summer styling dilemmas thanks for watching and remember at katies you don’t have to spend a fortune to look a million dollars. see you again next time

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