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when shopping for new wardrobe pieces, there’ssomething to be said for really trendy clothes. but buying only trendy items means they’lleventually start to seem dated, so, when it comes to building a great closet, you needto invest in some basic pieces that will never go out of style. as far as shoes go, you really can’t go wrongwith at least one pair of classic heels that are actually comfortable and that can be pairedwith all different colors and types of outfits. the on call stylist stressed the importanceof picking out a pair that you truly don’t mind wearing, saying, "go to is the key word for this piece.

you do not want heels that you hate wearing. […] your heels have to be comfortable andcute." as one pro stylist noted to chicago woman, "one of the biggest and smartest investmentsis quality shoes." jeans are so much more than just a casualstaple. they can be quickly dressed up with heels,but they can also just as easily look more professional with a fitted blazer. stylist kendall farr, the author of the pocketstylist: behind-the-scenes expertise from a fashion pro on creating your own look, toldreal simple that she suggests a dark wash

that is a bit stretchy and something witha shorter hem for flat shoes. the key is to buy a pair of jeans that fityou well, feel good, and will last for a long time. a blazer that fits you well has the powerto make any outfit look more put-together and to act as a great layering option whenyou don’t want to throw on a cardigan. a philadelphia-based personal stylist sharedwith fairygodboss that she thinks they’re a must-have for any working woman out there. she explained, "adding a blazer to an outfit [offers] structure,defines your waist, and elevates an outfit

immediately." she also says you can wear it over anything,even to make a casual outfit look a bit more chic. every woman should own a pair of black pantsthat fit well and feel comfortable. they’re a great alternative to a dress, andthey can also work as a nice substitute for jeans. mary lou andre, author of ready to wear: anexpert’s guide to choosing and using your wardrobe and a wardrobe consultant in boston,told real simple that she thinks black pants are "timeless."

the two best things about black pants is thatthey can be worn multiple times in one week without anyone realizing, and they can bepaired with pretty much everything. it might sound boring, but stylists almostalways agree that a white t-shirt is a key piece of any wardrobe. celebrity stylist karla welch told the todayshow that a white tee is her favorite wardrobe staple because of its versatility and layeringpotential, saying, "it can be used as part of almost any look— [the options are] really endless." she suggests pairing it with anything fromgirly skirts to blue jeans. a stitch fix stylist spoke about how a whitet-shirt is one of her favorite wardrobe essentials

as well because it’s a piece you can wearat any time of the year. her advice? "put your white tee to work. it anchors statement pieces like printed shorts,colored denim and layers perfectly under sweaters." a comfortable leather jacket is a great wayto add a little bit of a tougher vibe to anything you’re wearing — whether it’s real leatheror a vegan version. adding edge to any look, the jacket doesn’thave to just be black, either. it works in a whole bunch of different colors. as a high-profile celebrity stylist told forbes,

"no comment needed, every woman needs a statementmoto." you can wear this type of jacket with anythingfrom a fancy dress to a simple pair of jeans. it’s not just a clichã©: a little black dresscan be an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. the dress should be something that isn’t toofancy or too casual so that it can be worn as much as possible. a black dress doesn’t only have to be wornwith heels you can dress it down with boots or even sneakers, and you can even layer it. stylist sarah nearis told who what wear thata little black dress works in pretty much

any situation, calling the closet staple,quote, "the perfect go-to for any cocktail event or just a safe bet if you’re unsureof attire."

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