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april update – in chicago working on stylefor the black man – new course & ebook – grant harris antonio: hey everybody! antonio of real menreal style here today and i’ve got a special guest with me, grant harris of image granted. grant flew in from washington dc. we’re currentlyin chicago and we’re working on a new project. it’s called style for the black man. grant, it’s been about a year we’ve been workingon this project? grant: just about. antonio: yeah, so we’re doing the final bits.we’re recording the audio, recording some

video, and i also have, about a week ago,started my april style system, so that’s in full session. but today, i would be very interested to hearfrom you in the comments because grant and i are finishing up the project, but we wantto make sure that we cover everything. and so, i know there are many men out there whoare dark-complected, who are of african descent, and you’ve got a lot of questions, so i wouldlove to hear from you down on the comments. but today, i want to spend a little bit oftime introducing grant. grant, i’ve been working and i’ve known younow for a couple of years, and if you could just spend, i don’t know, maybe 30 secondsand tell us a little bit about yourself.

grant: yeah, of course, antonio. it’s a pleasureto be here in chicago. it’s my first time actually in chicago. it’s a great city. forthose of you who don’t know me, my name is grant harris. i’m the owner and chief styleconsultant at image granted lcc, which is a washington dc based image consulting companyfor men. what i do on a regular basis is i help menand individual men who are retailers attract, attain, and retain their best image, so iwrite, i speak, i present. i help build strategies for individual men, as well as men who areretailers, and helping brand and market to men, and helping the man himself brand himselfand market himself in whatever environment he happens to be in.

so i’m very pleased and honored to be hereworking with you, antonio, on this project. my african-american and dark-skinned brethrenneeds some attention and there are a lot of questions out there, and i think this is agood opportunity for us to put our networks and knowledge together for a good cause, so,thank you. antonio: well, grant, a pleasure to have youhere. i’m excited about this, guys, because there are so many men out there and i geta lot of these questions in which they are men of substance, they are men who have accomplisheda lot in their lives, but people are looking them over. people are profiling them. peopleare not giving them the time that they deserve simply based off of their physical appearance.

and so, style for the black man, this is goingto be our new product. it’s going to be coming out here soon, but again, i would love tohear from you down the comments below on what you think a course like this needs to havein it and if you’ve got some stories of how you’ve been profiled. yes, this is style for the black man, buti’m of hispanic descent and we’re going to be creating a product for that as well. thereare many asian men out there who have been profiled as well, so i would like to hearfrom you guys of some of your stories, anything you think you can add to this, we’d love tosee it in the comments. with that, guys, go check out grant over atimage granted. he’s got a great website. that’s

at grant: you can checkme out on twitter @imagegranted and also facebook, search "image granted", very easy. antonio: okay, so you guys can go check himout. again, you’re going to see this book, or it’s more book/course. we’re going to haveconsulting with it as well, but you’re going to see this probably hit, i’m thinking mayor june time period, maybe sooner. grant is really pushing forward to get it out. again, guys, see you in the comments. takecare and i’ll see you in the next video. bye-bye.

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