Book Review A Gentleman In Moscow

-fred, we’ve talked about this. i’m in awe ofhow prolific you are. you’re always working onnew projects. you’re making television shows that are so uniqueand different. i’m such a fan of your work. but you were saying backstagethe cost to you personally is you no longer have time to read books, to read novels,to read fiction.

-yeah, i just don’t geta chance. -and i was saying, "oh, i’mheartbroken on your behalf," and you said, "don’t be,"because you have developed a process, according to you,where you can look at the cover of a book and know everythingabout it. -yes. -you know the full plot,all the characters. -and you enjoy itexactly as much as if you’d read the whole book.

-always. yes. -and you’ve never failed. you’ve never looked at a cover and gotten the ploteven a little bit wrong. -never.-wow. -it’s always worked out, yes. -do you think we could try ithere for everybody? -sure. why not? -all right, one more time.

fred judges a book by its cover. ♪♪ very excited to try this, we go. this is "alaskan holiday"by debbie macomber. -oh, yeah,, debbie macomber, she wrote this book"alaskan holiday." -so that’s a thingi think everybody would know bylooking at the cover. -and it’s about this optometrist

who decided to have a verydifferent kind of eye exam. and this optometrist,who was a guy, was like, "i’m gonna dosomething where there are dogs, different kinds of dogsall over the place, and we’ll see if people can recognize what kind of dogit is." but he sort of bunched them upall in the middle and towards the bottom. [ laughter ]

so, people would come in — by the way,this is fiction, naturally. and so people would come inand they’d go like — he’d be like, "what do you see?" they’d be like,"i see three dogs." so he thoughteveryone had perfect vision. he’s like,"people have been cured. we no longer need glasses." he had all the glasses smashedaround the world.

and it took a decade. and at the end he realizes,"oh, i should’ve done different distances anddifferent sizes for the dogs," and the story continues. it’s sort of open-ended. and he went on an alaskanholiday to sort of rethink about how he’s gonna do his eye tests. -so, this almost soundspost-apocalyptic. it’s a world where all glasseshave been destroyed.

-yeah! -could i — and, by the way, this sounds likean incredible book. and i’m not saying you’re wrong. but can i read what you thepublisher says this is about? -if you need to. -before beginning her dream jobas a sous-chef in one of seattle’s hottestnew restaurants, josie avery takes a summerposition cooking

at a lakeside lodge in theremote town of ponder, alaska. while there, she falls for thequiet and intense palmer saxon, a famed master swordsmith. -and they go to the vision test. -oh!-they take it, yes. -i apologize.-yeah. -give it up for fred armisen,everybody!

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