Book How To Learn

what do we have here? hey! it’s a book! it has many partsso let’s take a look! let’s pick up the bookand what do you see? it’s the front cover andit’s staring right at me! there are some wordssometimes near the top it’s the title of the book! keep going, don’t stop! there’s a name on the coverjust look with your eyes

it’s the author and theywrote all the words inside! if there’s another namenow who could that be? maybe the illustratorthey made the pictures for you to see! let’s open the book! you will know it’sthe title page when you see the book title andthe author’s name again some small words over heredon’t be afraid find the publisherand the year it was made! some books even havea table of contents

with chapter titles and numbersto help you make sense… of where to find what you wantand so it doesn’t take ages the page numbers count upand are on all the pages! what about the words? we will get to that nextthe big ones are chapter titles and the rest is called text! some call theses picturesbut there are many kinds like illustrations, and diagramsor charts filled with lines! we are almost done nowthanks for your time,

don’t forget the back coverand the side called the spine! now we are finishedwe’ve come so far since the start you should know all about a book and it’s parts! hi! i’m mark!

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