Book How To Draw Manga

top 10 japanese art supplies japanese drawing supplies are taking the art world by storm. in this video, we’ll talk about our favorite art supplies from japan, and why we love them so much. artists enjoy using the white uni-ball signo broad gel pen on dark and toned papers, or to add highlights to their artwork. the ink formula is vibrant, smooth, and archival. the flexible tip of the tombow fudenosuke brush pen lets you draw thin to thick lines with ease. its ink is also waterproof and fade-resistant, ensuring your work lasts over time. the pentel pocket brush pen has a soft bristle tip that offers consistent ink flow.

it can be used to make dramatic strokes and artistic dry brush effects. as an added bonus, it takes cartridge refills, so you don’t have to keep buying new pens. some of our favorite water brushes come from kuretake. they offer a wide selection of brush sizes that range from petite to large. the water brush consists of a water reservoir attached to a brush. with just a simple squeeze, artists can use it to apply water to watercolors and other media. the kuretake gansai tambi watercolors are available in golden, pearlescent, and standard matte colors. the paints have great color payoff, and they’re also lightfast, so they don’t discolor when exposed to light. for those who like a dash of sparkle, the golden and pearlescent colors are infused with shimmering mica particles.

the akashiya sai watercolor brush pens are available in twenty beautiful colors. their high-quality tips spring back into shape quickly and are easy to control. you can also mix the colors with water to create beautiful gradients and effects. the uni mitsubishi hi-uni pencil has a great range that is excellent for fine art. with leads as hard as 10h to those as soft as 10b, the pencils feel smooth and creamy to use especially in the b grades. the pilot color eno neox lead in soft blue is a popular choice for artists to enjoy using mechanical pencils to storyboard. non-photo soft blue lead can easily be edited out digitally. the lead is firm to sketch with and erases easily. it also comes in a rainbow of colors.

the uni arterase color pencils have smooth pigmented cores that feel incredibly creamy to use. they show up beautifully on both white and toned papers and erase very well for color pencils. the maruman pocket croquis sketchbook sports a durable coil binding and has high quality paper. because it’s light and small, it’s easy to carry with you when you’re out and about. did we mention any of your favorites? there are so many other great products available so be sure to visit for additional guides and videos on art tools. if you enjoyed this video check out our top 10 japanese stationery items video.

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