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– if men don’t shave, it’s sort of just seen as a fashion choice. i feel like if women don’t shave, a lot of times it’s seen as,like, a political choice. (funky soul music) – [voiceover] we convincedfour of our co-workers to give up shaving for a month to see how theirperspectives would change. this is what happened.

– i’m so excited becausei hate shaving so much. – i’m excited, but i’m nervous. – there’s gonna be like, allthis weird social anxiety, but yet, i think partof me is kind of excited to have an excuse to not shave. i’ve done no-shave november before, so i’m no stranger tonot shaving for a month. – i don’t think i’ve ever not shaved for a whole month before.

– i feel like i’m goingto be both in anguish and liberated at the same time. – i’m the most nervous about my armpits. i have some hairy armpits, i’m nervous that like three weeks in, two weeks in, i’m just gonna be like, "uh,why did i sign up for this? "i feel disgusting." we’re two weeks in tothe non-shaving thing. – things are definitely getting hairy.

– i’ve finally crossed that line where it’s definitely doesn’tlook like i forgot to shave, it looks like i’mintentionally not shaving. – got a pretty, pretty thick beard here. it’s pretty, pretty dense,i haven’t really gotten too many crazy looks or anything. – i’ve been wearing short-sleeved shirts, because i don’t want anyoneto see my armpit hair. – i’m hiding my armpit hairunder longer-sleeved shirts.

– part of me really wants tostart wearing a lot of, like, long sleeves, i’m gonna try not to. it’s gonna be hard.- [sarah] the idea terrifies me.- [becky] i should be more confident, i shouldbe more comfortable, i shouldn’t give a (bleep),but it’s an adjustment. – it’s been pretty great,i don’t think there’s been any issues, it saves me a lotof time not having to shave. – i’m going to wear a tank top today.

and this is what’s going on. – side profile’s the best,’cause you can see it, there it is, there it is, look at that. oh my gosh, look at that! – i went to the farmer’s markettoday in a tank top, woohoo! – no one even noticed,no one said anything. – i don’t think peoplecare that i haven’t shaved. – people are okay with it. – so that was actually kinda cool.

– it is the last day of not shaving. – it’s been a month, andi have not shaved yet. – this is the end, this is it. we’ve come to the end of the road. – and as you can see, it’sgetting kind of ridiculous. – i finally get to take a razor to the hair under myarms, and i’m so excited. – you don’t have to,like, dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s every day

in terms of your beauty regimen to like, be seen asattractive, and feel sexy. – i honestly feel pretty great, you could go around beingas hairy as you wanted and people don’t seem to react at all. – no one noticed, i’mconvinced i’m a narcissist because no one ever said anything. – it was a little liberating. i’ve learned that i can pulloff a beard without any issue,

and people tend to see this as something that just is sort of part of my looks. – it’s definitely abigger thing for girls. – it seems very pointed,and it has like a message. – to be either a feminist,or to like actively say, "stick it to the man," or something. and if a guy has abeard, no one says that. – you know, ultimately, i think that that sort of does highlightthe gender inequality there.

– so i guess from here on out, i get to make the actual decision about whether or not i wanna shave, and right now i don’treally feel like i have to. – it’s totally up to you, you know? it’s an individual choice.- [sarah] body hair just isn’t as big of a deal as ialways thought it was. – i don’t think that every time you shave or put makeup on, you’re just like,

answering to the man, orto like the patriarchy. but i do think that itis empowering to try it and realize that evenif you do do something that’s kind of againstthe grain of beauty, you’ll still feel beautiful.

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