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hey, what’s up, i am muchelle b and day one of the thirty day simplify your life challenge is here, i’m so pumped, i’m ready, i’m so excited for anyone who has joined me. so today’s challenge is super simple: it’s just mentally preparing yourself for the challenge ahead and figuring out what you actually want to get out of it because failing to plan is planning to fail. i’m a believer. so the first step of today’s challenge is to print the thirty day checklist. so there should have been a checklist in the email that you received. if you are not receiving the emails, you should be, so you should sign up in the description

but i will link a pdf of the document below. i don’t want to leave anyone out and make it like super-exclusive, i want everyone to be able to do it, even if you are just watching the videos. i get it, i don’t want to clog up your inbox. step number two is to get a dedicated notebook for the simplify your life challenge. so you can do this in like an online note taking app or you can get a physical notebook. it’s totally up to you. as you do the first two weeks of physical decluttering, you’re probably not going to use your notebook that much. but when you get to the mental decluttering side of things, you’re definitely going to be writing a lot. so step three is the actual preparing for the challenge. firstly, write down why you are doing this challenge, so why did you actually make the decision to take on the challenge in the first place?

was it because you were super stressed out by your space, everything was cluttered, things were driving you crazy? was it because you don’t have a clue about what you own? think of the reasons why you’re deciding to this decluttering challenge. next up: write down what your end goal is. so how do you actually want to feel at the end of this challenge, what is the end goal? for example, maybe every afternoon after work you want to walk into your space and feel super freed surrounded by only the stuff that you love, and be totally conscious of everything that you own. and the next thing to write down is: what are your blocks, so what are the things that could stop you from completing this challenge and what do you need to do to overcome them? so for example: you work fulltime and you know it’s hard to motivate yourself in the afternoons so to overcome that you’re going to put on the minimalist’s podcast in your car on the way home, that way you’re feeling super motivated

and you’re going to like leave your checklist right in front of you when you walk in the door. if you’re planning on self pacing, because you know that physical decluttering is going to take you a really long time, plan out now what days you’re going to be doing the challenges and how you’re sort of going to organise it, just so that you have a plan and you have something to stick with and you don’t just let the challenge go. so this page is going to be awesome because whenever you’re struggling in the challenge or whenever you’re just like ‘ugh, i don’t know if i can do this’, you can look back at this page and be like ‘yes, this is my motivation, this is my why’. the next step is to do your laundry because tomorrow we are decluttering your wardrobe. and the last step is to celebrate how fabulous you are for even taking part in this challenge. yeah, i look like i’m rapping or something but really badly.

so that is it for day one of the simplify your life challenge. we are starting with a very easy one, just prepping and planning for the days to come and giving yourself something to look back on for when/if you struggle in the challenge. if you are receiving the emails, i am going to have the entire contents of this video written down in a step by step guide as a little mini checklist for you and tomorrow we are going to get started on the fun stuff which is the physical decluttering. i will see you tomorrow. xoxo

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