Book How To Be Single

– i teach ladies how tosuccessfully date online. ok. so what do you do right now,in your life, to socialize? she watches "scandal." "power." you stay at home, right? before we get started,i want to find out what you’re looking for.

i do want to know alittle bit more about you. i don’t even knowwhat i’m looking for. my taste changed. relationship with guy– yeah, that’s a good one.what else? – employed.- yes. that’s important. yes. he has to be taller than me.

so that means 4’8". no. that’s going to be easy. that’s an easy task. the only thing i’mever going to ask is that you be all the thingsthat you’re looking for. yeah. because, i think, a lot oftimes, we make these lists. and i want him to have, youknow, this a-1 850 credit,

but yours are 520, right? that don’t match. what’s wrong with 520? i’m just saying. i want him to have swag. street savvywithout being street. that’s it. if it goes down, youknow, he will handle it. right.he not going to run.

and then fix his shirt andthen still open your door. because i got left in ahaunted house once on a date. – by a guy?- yeah. – ok, so— what? yeah, so that wasn’t– – there was clowns in there?- no. did you run? he just– he just ran. he literally left me.- he was scared?

he was scared. ok, so that wasn’t your guy.

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