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there was a boy named robert who had two dads one was his own dad and the other was his friend’s dad whom he accepted as his 2nd dad one had done phd in studies whereas the other had never passed eighth grade as well one had poor mentality whereas the other had rich mentality the poor dad who was his own dad told robert that money is the root cause of all problems

and advised robert not to buy exepensive things at all and said that expensive things makes us greedy person whereas the rich dad who was his friend’s dad told robert that lack of money is the root cause of all problems he advised him to find ways to buy all the things he wanted and told finding ways to buy things we want

trains our memory to generate more money for it the poor dad told robert to study nicely so he could secure a job in a better company and become settled in his life whereas the rich dad told robert to study nicely so he could build his own company and create jobs for other people due to his rich mentality later he became the richest person of miami whereas his own dad remained poor all his life due poor mentality robert had the choice to learn from any one of the two dads

and he decided to learn from his rich dad and as his rich dad he also went to become more rich and successful later rich dad taught robert about many topics and among them one of the most important topic was about the cash flow of rich and poor people according to him the cashflow of rich people is something like this rich person invest most of their money on assets like real estates and banks which in return

generates money for them and they again invest generated money in assets which generates more money and makes them richer whereas the cash flow of poor person is something like this they regularly spend almost 80% of their money on liabilities like a house or a car that takes money away from them and makes them poorer that’s why instead of spending money on liabilities we should follow the cash flow of rich people and

invest our money on things that generates more money for us and shift our mindset from consumer mentality to investor mentality i shared all this useful information from the book rich dad poor dad by robert kiyosaki it is one of the best books to increase your financial knowledge if you find this video useful then like comment and share with your friends and family and subscribe my channel tech np for more book reviews and useful knowledge

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