Book How To Be A Lady

the peach scene… when i met tilda swinton about four years ago, it was at a dinner event. and i was introduced to her, andshe turned to me and she said, "oh! the peach scene!" now, there had been no script, there had been no screenplay yet… but she had obviously read the book and the first thing that impressed her was the peach scene. so the peach scene is, i think, very essential… partly because it’s so shocking, but also, at the same time, because it is the most intimate moment between the two men.

in the book, oliver eats the peach and he says "because i want every part of you… if you’re going to die, i want part of you to stay with me in my system, and that’s the way i’m going to do it." so, it is a very powerful moment. "please don’t do that.""you want to see something sick?" in the film, he just puts his finger andalmost licks it and that is good enough for cinema — we don’t need to see more. "why are you doing this to me?" "what are you doing? you’re fucking hurting me!""then don’t fight…"

what is absolutely superlative — it’s one of the most moving moments in the film, is that as the as the two men/boys are struggling with each other… one wants to eat the peach, the other one wants to sort of grab it away from him, to prevent him from doing so… at some point elio will say, "you’re hurting me!" and he says "let go then!" says oliver, at which point elio just breaks down and cries. and he says "i don’t want you to go…" "i don’t want you to go…" it’s a magnificent moment, but the filmdoes this all the time.

it takes a very physical, almost lustymoment, and finds its emotional equivalent right away, so that it never allows you to dwell on the physical without ever giving you also the emotional counterpoint to it.

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