Book How To Be A Friend

[applause] tom hiddlestonis so [bleep] ugly. why is no oneacknowledging this? i don’t really understandhow anthony mackie got this far looking likea bug with buck teeth, but here we are. scarlett johanssonhas the emotional range of a [bleep] celery. i hate white people.

all of us? why do so many people havea crush on sebastian stan? he looks like a potato. winston duke broad as hellup top with crackhead legs. damn. elizabeth olsen hasweird [bleep] thumbs. it’s true.i do. i have weird thumbs. don cheadle look likea mix between a beetle–

that rhymes– amuskrat, and a roach. that’s just [bleep] up. from @wehatedbatista. follow this page ifyou hate dave bautista. he’s ugly, a complete joke,non talented, and he sucks. wow. benedict cumberbatchalways looks like he’s had an allergicreaction to bad shrimp. i bet tom holland isone of those whities

who claps when the plane lands. also while i’m comparingold men to reptiles, ever notice thatsamuel l jackson looks like a snapping turtle? if a girl girl wants to[bleep] paul rudd, chances are she’ll [bleep] you, too. hashtag paul rudd is [bleep]. karen gillan, once again,allow me to ask you who the [bleep] you think you are?

i don’t know. maybe i’m going to justhave to google myself. and this one is verysimple and to the point. paul bettany– what a [bleep]. how did thecoolest, blackest dude in the galaxy end upwith some whitebread-ass name like chadwick? if i said it once,i said it 600 times– chris pratt is still a [bleep].

perhaps chris evans isin truth a great actor, but he plays captainamerica like’s he’s a big, dumb hunk of [bleep]. wow, i don’t– thanks for watching. and remember, every time youclick the subscribe button, one of your enemiesgets destroyed.

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