Book How To Ask The Right Questions

– what i’m gonna tellyou for the next hour is informed by the scar tissue that i’ve experienced helpingthree billion square feet of north american real estate make energy efficiency decisions. in fact, april is my 20th anniversary. i started this industryright after i graduated from the wharton school. there are lots of things

that you can talk about in this business. but the first thing youhave to do is ask yourself are we asking the right questions? talk about the questionsyou’re gonna ask today. we heard a lot of talk aboutusing energy efficiency to drive revenue. ultimately you have toask yourself a question: where do projects come frombesides your construction? the other thing youask yourself inevitably

is what role could energy efficiency play in driving new revenue? now you ask these question, where even if you’ve identified a segment and you have identified the solutions or the answer to the segment, now you ask yourself, is it really about saving energy, or is it about something else?

in fact, do people value widgets? or analytics? or is it something totally different? then you have to askyourself the question, how do you really connectwith the right prospects? how do you capture adecision-maker’s attention? and you know how busy these people are that you’re selling to. especially the high-dollar sales.

the people with the large checkbooks are not the most accessible, right? and what do you say when you get there? it’s one thing to get a meeting with the veto, very important top officer, you know, ceo, coo, cto, e-i-e-i-o, yeah whatever they wanna call themselves. you get here, now you have to stay there. what do you say?

ultimately ask yourself this question, what would make themessage more compelling? and i think you’ll agree with me that if you could reframe efficiency so that it could bemeasured with yardsticks that your customer’s already using, you’d be way ahead of the game. (keyboard music)

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