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heya playas, do you ever feel like somethingis really holding you back from going after what you want? well, today i’m gonna giveyou a short and simple list of only 365 tips for how you can achieve your goals. this isthe josh speaks. you’re watching the josh speaks. ok, so i’m not gonna go through all365 tips right now but i’m gonna show you how you can learn them. i recently receivedthis book "achieve anything in just one year" by jason harvey and what it’s caused me todo is to tackle my biggest goals one day at a time. what this has allowed me to do isfocus on one smaller mission every single day leading up to the big goal in mind. italk about this point in more detail in the video i did in evan carmichael’s channel whichyou can check out right here. but let’s be

honest, most of the time when we talk aboutgoing after our goals, we just don’t know where to start. let’s say you want to playan instrument, have a girlfriend or even make youtube videos what’s the first step you takeand how can you be sure that every step you do take is progress moving forward? it’s exactlythat kind of self doubt that holds us back from doing anything at all. we find ourselvesincapable of moving forward because of the fear of moving back, and what this book intendsto do is help keep you on track. for example, since today is may 18th, i’m on day 18 ofthis book and today’s mission is to learn how to cultivate a sense of humor. what thebook says is that humor is something we can all relate to so if i can learn to not takethings too seriously, then i’ll definitely

begin to develop better relationships withothers. humor is also incredibly powerful in diluting tension between two people. sayfor example you have two friends that are at each others throats. if you can get themto laugh about something then chances are they’ll move past it and go back to beingproductive. but this is just one of the days featured in this book, it follows you throughoutthe course of a year so that every single day you’re doing something productive. becauseof this book, i’ve been keeping pages in a journal, setting time frames around my goalsand have even crafted a definition of myself… meta. what do you think, is there a goal thatyou find yourself having an insane amount of trouble trying to accomplish? leave yourcomment below so we can talk about it and

try to help you out. if you’re interestedin buying the book for yourself and getting 365 days of tips and strategies i’ll put thelink down below. and if you’re interested in learning more about how to accomplish yourgoals, i have two videos that will help you out. one here is about how to stop gettingin your own way, and the other is 5 rules for being successful. i totally believe thatyou have everything you need right now to accomplish all of your goals big and small,sometimes people just need a little shove to help them get there, and that’s what i’mhere for. as always, love and peace. hey thanks for watching, if you’re new to the channelmake sure to hit the subscribe button below. i make a new video every week on a range ofdifferent topics including self help, dating,

philosophy and more. wanna help support thechannel and see it grow? join the team over on patreon and give a small donation everysingle month so i can produce much greater videos for you. and don’t forget, order youcopy with the amazon link below. i’ll be updating my progress as i go through it on instagramsoon so make sure to follow me there as well.

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