Book Binding Is A

hi! i’m gary for expert village. now let’ssee what kind of tools we’ll need to get started. some of the things that we will be using today;this is a board i put it underneath the books while i am drilling so that the table or whateveryou are using, i just line it up. we have to go through the whole book to be able tosew the seam over here. so what i do is i put a board underneath and then i know thati am not going to go through whatever i am drilling on. so we use some type of woodenboard just to give us a little lead way. we still use a 3 ply linen string and the linenis used if you ever look at any kind of book binding supplies, you will see that most ofthe strings are from linen because linen actually expands with moisture if the book tends togain moisture over time so this will prevent

pages from tearing. clear tape is going tobe used to put over pages that are actually separating from inside the book so we willput a piece of clear tape right over the inseam and this will help these pages be gatheredinto the inside of the books. so when we are ready to bind it and make our holes, theywill be included. those pages that are falling out will be included in with the rest of thepages. we use a clear tape for that so that we can still see the words written on thepage. then on the front of the book where the binding goes where the cover meets thepages, we want to put a piece masking tape and we see that is where the holes and thestrings are going to be putting the most pressure on this area right here. i have black tapehere with a different thickness. the wider

tape is going to be used for heavier booksor wider books that have a thicker spine to them and to cover wider area. then i havethe thinner tape that will be used for just the sides of the book that we put along hereand another one along here and if it was a thicker book, we would use a thicker tapeover here. if the book was missing the cover over the spine, then we might just take thethick tape and just lay it across the whole spine of the book and that would act as thisback cover of the book. so those are the two different thicknesses of the black tape.

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