Bohemian Style Fashion

hi guys! today i’m gonna show you how to do three different hair styles in one this is what you need first step is to wash you hair and leave it wet you don’t need any heating tools at all no hair dryer and no curler next step is to do a lot of small braids it doesn’t matter how many or that they look alike, just do as you like i take this much hair

yes, i’ve quite long hair, so it’s just to keep going *singing* done with the first half, same thing on the other side the first style is done and it’s a lot of braids what you can easily do now to get another style is to put some braids up it looks quite complicated even though it isn’t! of course you can also put all the braids up and to get the last style, you know what you have to do now? you’re actually going to sleep!

nah, you don’t have to, but it’s great to have the braids for a while! i sleep with them, so nightie nightie 🙂 when you’re done with the braids and you want to have curls, then it’s time to let them out some hairspray so, this was three styles in one remember to subscribe and stay tuned for a lot of fun take care, bye!

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