Audrey Hepburn Style Fashion

there was a musical here called ‘high button shoes’ and the program is a fascinating one to see because at the back where it used to listall the singers – it’s got a list of the singers of the singers is a. cogan, alma cogan. and yes, the corps de ballet later on there’s a couple of names thereand one was quite interesting – audrey hepburn. so it must have been thefirst west-end show she ever did.

i worked in panto with a girl calledpatricia hall who was a great principle boy and she wasone of the corps de ballet with audrey hepburn. she said, "we all hated audrey hepburn".i said, "what do you mean? was she a nasty piece of work?" she said, "no, no! no it wasn’t that butall us girls we used to go out shopping". she said, "saturday mornings we’d come in for the matinã©ein the afternoon and bring whatever we’d bought – hats, dressesscarves, anything! – shoes. and audrey always use to say, ‘can i just try it on’. andshe used to try on what we’d bought and she looked twenty times better than

any of us. we hated her!"

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