Audrey Hepburn Fashion Style

ok great now we have done the full body blowdry we are going to do a great little sixty’s look on laurens hair. we are going to puffup the back here and then pull all the sides in so first of all we need to get the front ofthe hair out of the way, so lauren your going to have a go at taking these sections. justfrom the top of the crown to the top of the ear and just pull that section out. juts popa little clip in it at the ends. what this is going to do is just keep it out the way,while your working on the rest of your hair. so now we are moving to step two, which isthe back of the hair. so what i’m going to do with lauren’s hair is use the finer sideof the comb because i really want to get a strong back comb in there, really strong padfor this.

your turn, take this section here, pull thecomb backwards. you can really start to see the shape of thesixties look forming now. i’m just going to use this vent brush now. i don’t have that sort of brush can i useany. yeah, just brush over the top, brush out allof your backcombing now. so now what we are going to do, use a couple of kirby grips and seal it in, and i’m going to fold this in here and grip in the otherside so with the smooth sections nowgoing to pull over the rough area and you can see it will give you a real feeling of body but smooth finish. going to get one simple grip and grip it intothe back here. super easy.

so now what i’m going to do is take the sectionpull it over the front around the rest. to start to finish it off here. just at he back here where you have a fewof the grips visible, most of them are hidden. you can just spin a bit of the excess hereand it creates a lovely soft finish at the back here. now you can see that beautiful profile, niceto get a heated tong to just go over a few of the sections at the front. to give thema bit of a bend wrap it around, make sure the hair is heatedright through. so using the full repair range it means we can use the tongs and the hothair styler , getting tonnes of body, looking


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