Asian Style Fashion

(mellow music) – i’ve always wanted to bea little bit more rebellious and go full blond but then i’ve always been told that you shouldn’t do it. – because i’m asian,going full full bright, it’ just felt unnatural to me. – i grew up in such aconservative countryside in korea. never thought about it, i guess. – so recently i lost someonewho was really important

in my life and i thought why not start this new chapter with a new look. – i used to work as a floormodel for this clothing company and they really advertised being natural. manager came in and told methat i had to re-dye my hair black because the light brownhair wasn’t natural for me. – most importantly, it requirestoo much money and time. i cannot really afford to goblonde and then go to the salon every two weeks to root touch-up.

– today, i wanna see how that looks. if it really looks unnaturalor if i can pull it off. – bye, black hair! – hi, my name is tiffanylee and i’m a celebrity makeup and hair artist,and i have a studio called studio tilee andtoday i’m gonna bleach kevin, wivee, and claire’shair blonde for the first time. hair that’s darker, especially asian hair, is very resistant to golight so it takes multiple

processes to get blond which takes about seven, eight, nine differentlevels to get that color. i used a bleach that hada blue undertone in it as well as a developerthat had a violet undertone to create that icy blond andthen i use a color shampoo which has purple additiveto become a cooler blonde and we put another hair treatment to keep the integrity of the hair. and after that, ready tostyle out the client’s hair.

(cheerful music) – oh my god, this is my hair? – holy crap. i’m so blond. – wow, oh, i look like a different person. it was such a change,i look so different now but i like the change. – i think i’m gonna keepthis hair for awhile. i like experimenting withit and know that i have

the opportunity to do so, and who knows, maybe i’m gonna dye my haira different color next. – oh my god, how many hours, nine hours? i definitely feel more confident now, i feel like i could go lighter, even. – it feels really soft too, i’m surprised ’cause my hair has been dead for years. – all of them weren’t sure what the results were gonna turn out today.

when they saw their finalresults, they were all really happy that theirhair was still there and the color was what they expected, and their hair still felt like hair, which is the most important thing. – from this experience,asians can look natural. i mean, maybe it’s not theirnatural born hair color but i think they can look as natural and good as many other people can.

i think everyone shouldbe able to experiment with blond hair or evenother color hair, really.

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