Ankara Fashion Styles

hi lovestoday i’ll show you how to transform 1 yard/meter of cotton fabric into a boxy top inspiredby style pantry for this tutorial you’ll need 1 yard ormeter of cotton fabric fold it double and place a t-shirt on top. cut it at the width of the shirt includingthe sleeves cut the sides as we’ll be using it lateron the top if you like the t-shirt i used on top, thenyou can purchase it in my web shop cut the neckline and then hem this, the sides and bottom ofthe boxy top

hem these pieces and then fold it double andcut it pin the right side on the right side of thetop and sew the sides do this for the front and back on both sides sew it and that’s it and this is the final look, a boxy top you can make in 25min click like if you enjoyed this video and shareit with your friends thank you so much for watching and see youin my next video on monday

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