Angelina Jolie Fashion Style

now that the eye shadow is done. it’s prettyneutral, as you can see. we’re going to add the eyeliner, and that’s going to really dressup the look. i’m using a powder. like i said earlier, i like the powder liner. i’m dampeningthe brush and using that deep black color and just making it a wet liner. more of acream than a liquid, but we don’t want that heavy liquid liner look. we want it a littlemore natural. with the angle brush, these are great. you can turn any eye shadow intoan eyeliner with these. we’re going to go right in the lid. you want to start kind ofupwards in a cat’s eye. you can make this liner as thick or as thin as you want. angelinausually goes for a thicker cat’s eye look. her eyeliner is usually a little bit morewinged and thicker, because she wants to give

that illusion that her eyes are bigger andmore spread apart. it’s just a very distinctive black line because the rest of the makeupis so neutral, that you need something to kind of funk it up. she always has the eyelineron. even in the pictures that you see of her out and about not at red carpet events, she’salways got her mascara and her eyeliner on. it’s kind of like her signature look. youwant to get as close to the lashes as you can. open. close. like i said, you don’t wantit to be such a fine line so that it looks like liquid liner, so you can smudge it atiny bit. not a lot. you don’t want it to look smokey, but it shouldn’t look like sucha fine line. open. there you go. that’s that perfect cat’s eye.

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