American Fashion Style

as many people know, there are many differencesbetween the terms and expressions used in british and american english. it may be helpfulto know a few of these to make things clearer. let’s look at the world of fashion and clothingfor some examples. in the uk, if you were invited to a cocktail evening event, you wouldneed to ditch the trainers, jumper, and poloneck for something smarter. in america, you’d beputting the sneakers, sweater and turtleneck to one side in favour of something more america suspenders might be the solution to slightly baggy trousers, but in the ukyou’d be looking for braces to solve this problem, whereas suspenders in the uk arethe same as garters in america. in the uk, a hairslide or some tights could be the finishingtouch to an outfit, whilst in america you’d

be using a barrette and putting on pantyhose.and just to make things a tiny bit more confusing, the american undershirt is the uk’s vest,while the uk’s waistcoat is called a vest in america. even more confusing, uk coverallsare uk overalls while us overalls are called dungarees in the uk. and once they’ve allhad their outings and been washed, in the uk they’ll be hung out to dry using pegs andthen put away in the cupboard, but in america they’ll be clothespinned and then placed inthe closet. if babies can be considered to enjoy the world of fashion, then in americathey’re wearing diapers and sporting pacifiers, but in the uk they’re donning nappies andusing dummies. finally, zips open and close things in the uk, and zippers do this jobin america.

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