90s Style Fashion

oh you have the toothbrush – i’m sure it was like this from louis black girls pre relaxer it was the hot comb on the snow the most dangerous weapon oh really carry going to the hairdresser was not fun in a relaxer was the rites of passage as a little black girl i begged my mom for relaxing boys. i was like well everyone else has a relaxed day i want to wear my hair straight, so i can blow in the wind canopy you know okay fine mm-hmm immediately hear the song for me it looks completely different i think the little girls on the dress form a box and in the gesture me commercials was one reason

i was like oh my gosh like i need a relaxing this looks like the staple of black hair care in the 9000 concision yeah, it’s a little it’s a little watery, but it’s like perfect does anybody still use it you a few pieces are stuck in their mind ii don’t really know what you would use this for besides slicking down your flat this this is like the old-school version of edge control, but apparently you still i still use it okay? it’s my waves be poppin. i won’t do you wrong. i’m a oh yeah, i used to always do people’s baby here cuz i’m like oh you’re not doing it right does it look okay did anything? i don’t feel like it. i don’t feel like it did blue magic i use blue magic so heavily that it just

you just be looking shiny even though you put this just on your hair your whole face is shining in the back it says gives the hair conditioning without being greasy. this is grease talked about though they moving yes, yes yes, yes, yes my mother lived and breathed stuff after i got my relaxer i wanted it to be flowy and beautiful i would just take a little bit and like just put it on there for some extra shine yep smell the same are you ready? my old friend why i like have chills right now

this is how you know you’re getting it done by a professional naturally when my parents did it or my aunts didn’t it was literally like touch it on the eye of the stove touch it and girl i remember my mom would have paper towel, and she would like put it on the paper and it would burn the paper towel, and then she couldn’t write it like what the parts that i hated the most with this hot comb was when they would get to the edge before they even touched you you up yeah the conversation around hair has changed so much throughout the years i’m thankful that there are a lot more products available for us now now it’s all about like all-natural back then i think it was all aesthetics everything. i just put all in on it and slick it back. just all

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