80s Style Fashion

>> beautiful lingeriethe sexy flow he dresses so much polyesterso much polyester. >> in this episode. we had a huge party with manybackground performers and a lot of our cast. so it was a big dealfor the costume department. good to see you. >> robert redford’s publicist.this party just got 60 percentmore interesting. >> what you’re looking at hereis a costume

that we have for bonnie the quest for me was to findsomething for her that was sexy and alluring and in kind ofthis color palette. we were developingof peaches and melons and this sort framework thatallowed her to stand out in a roomfull of people. and yet not look garish ortoo over-the-top. and this i thinkpretty much did it. >> may i have a bottle of clubsoda and a towel

and a shot of vodka . >> this gownis by a designer. who was really popularin a 60s and 70s. the names of bill tice. what you see here is reallyone of the iconic fabrics that was used duringthat time period. polyester jersey. and the draping is quitewonderful. and one thing that was very nicefor me was the fact

that it has interests inthe front, in the back, in theside. and as she wandered throughthis party, there was nicethings to look at so it was the kind of dress that i needed to allow the characterto turn around and have some interest therefrom the camera and. from every angle. >> just judi gelmanis so brilliant. i couldn’t have been moreinspired by what she was doingreally.

i felt like she didn’tget to make the show. it would be really sad mostly because of judy’sbeautiful work. >> when you start with thescene and have so many people it’s sort of like top down mostimportant people in the scene. you start there and you’vebuild out there were pods of different people represented in it’s partythere were the agents and theexecutives and the worthy rock star peopleand music people

and all differentkinds of people that would have been at a partylike this. so all those different pods have their own costume needsa lot of fun. >> american woman watchfull episodes now on paramount network.com and the paramount network apps

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