80s Fashion Styles

1980’s men attire, so many choices to choosefrom. aragon is wearing a very simple 80’s look that you can pull out of your own closetsimply by adding a t-shirt of some sort from your closet. a polo style would work as well,neon colors are a great choice. either way you will want something tight fitting andformed to the body. suits are very easy to come across. you’ll want something that isa lightweight fabric nature as seen here. you’ll also want to take note of the pleatin the pants. if you have a choice please wear something pleated. if you have a twopiece set a jacket and pants that don’t match, that is not a problem, khakis with a lightweightlinen style jacket will look great. just make sure that you have got that tight fittingt-shirt or polo underneath it with the lightweight

fit and you have a great 80’s attire lookespecially for the miami vice or prep look. you will also want to make sure that you haveno socks on because the 80’s is all about no socks or you could do the peg legs, 1980’speg pants look with a pair of jeans taking it in and doing it that way as well or ifall your pants are just boot wide length, definitely take it in with a peg leg to makeit smaller and give it that great 80’s attire look. this 1980’s miami vice look is veryeasy or you can simply take it to the hairband style of the 80’s which is one of your mostpopular look for the 80’s and easy to do. simply find yourself not a fitted waist jacketbut something with a straight down more business attire jacket style,

once again the peg legged pants and pleatedpants look is a great look buttoning it up with that t-shirt underneath, nice fitting.you could switch the rock and roll star look up for some cowboy boots to slip on. shoesand that would be a good switch to a rock and roll hairband. you can also use your owngreat hair if you happen to be a long haired fellow but most of us out here or most ofthe fellows running around are going to be in the need of a little bit of hair for thehair 80’s because there was quite a bit of hair to it. you can get wigs like this fromwenchesandwarriors.com or you can purchase something from your local wig shop. in eithercase you definitely want some full fun hair. you want to help me out aragon and pull iton to your forehead from the front? there

you go. there are many different ways to adjustthe wig so you’ll want to look inside and see how it is. you’ll also want to make surethat you stay away from anything flammable. go ahead and have a set aragon. you’ll wantto add a little bit of hairspray to make sure you’ve got that nice big hair poof bang actiongoing on.you’ll also want to finish it off with some rock and roll star glasses to really giveyourself that nice hairband look and you are ready for any 80’s rock and roll event thatmight come along.

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