80s Fashion Style

hi my name is rachel youens and i’m a freelance fashion writer and the owner of austinstylewatch.com street fashion site. and today we’re goingto talk about how to dress for an 80’s party or an 80’s night out on the town. so we’regoing to kind of draw our inspiration for these looks from movies around the 80’s eraand while there’s a lot of 80’s inspired looks that you can probably go out to themall and buy right now. i’m going to kind of try to focus on things you might alreadyhave at home that you can modify. so the first thing we’re going to look at for sort of aflash dance inspired look is just taking a t-shirt and cutting it so it hangs off theshoulder. and what you want to do to do that is just take the shirt and just cut slightlybelow the natural neck line that’s already

there. you don’t want to go too far out tothe shoulders or it’ll just fall right of your body. you still want to keep a littleshoulder so it’ll hold onto you. and the next thing along that same flash dance line isleg warmers. now we might not all have these at our house but they’re also at places liketarget now days. they’re much more available. but leg warmers they give that kind of dancey,flash dance, jane fonda kind of look. but you can actually slouch these up against yourankles. you don’t have to pull them up high. you can even layer them if you’d like. thenext thing we’re going to look at kind of moving away from that flash dance is a littlemore toward madonna, cindy lauper of the era. and that’s wearing inner wear like lingerieas outer wear. and one thing they would do

a lot is take like corsets or bustiers andkind of put them outside an outfit. put them outside like a dress or maybe a leotard. andit’s really nice if you have the garters kind of hanging down on the bottom. and then finally,this is a look that’s actually become really popular again and that’s the big thick belt.and the 80’s look take the belt and puts it right at the natural waist line and puts itreally thick. and it’s actually a good look for a lot of girls because it gives them areal nice waist. so that’s kind of your 80’s look there. and finally to top it all off,if you’d like to crimp your hair and mouse it out, kind of do the big bangs that’ll reallycomplete your madonna, cindy lauper look. and for inspiration i recommend you look atflash dance. take a look at, let’s see madonna’s

look. cindy lauper, boy george, flock of seagulls.take a look at some of those online and steal a little inspiration from those. so this isbeen how to get ready to dress for an 80’s party.

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