70s Style Fashion

so now we are going to get into 70s clothing,whereas you had longer skirts in the 50’s and the mini skirt was introduced in the 60’s,in the 70’s you could sort of wear whatever you wanted and so long dresses also becamemore popular similar to this one and this was called a maxi dress and this was the kindof thing you could entertain in at night, it is made out of cotton, it is longer, itis easy flowing and it goes sort of with a more ethnic idea of what americans thoughtpeople in other cultures might wear at night. it is completely different from the stylizedand structured looks of the 50’s and early 60’s but of course the mini skirt was stillreally really really popular and i have an example of a mini skirt to show you and thisis a basic black one. this would still be

popular in the 70’s even though it had beenpopular in the 60’s too. mini skirts worn with tights or anything like that was stilla huge huge trend and in the 70’s you will see just tried to incorporate everything.you could wear long skirts, you could wear short skirts, you could wear pants and whatis interesting is that it really goes almost exactly along with the rights that were gainedfor women during the womens’ movement in terms of expansion for what women could wear. youknow in no other culture did you really see or no other time in culture did you see womenwearing such opposing trends. in the 60’s you were either on the side that was wearingmini skirts and wearing mod or you were wearing the long dress like this whereas in the 70’speople could feel free to move in and out

of different styles and that is what was interestingabout the time. in general people would stick with one style or another but it did not markwho you were in society the way that it did in other decades.

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