60s Fashion Style

because the 60’s are so interesting, i’d liketo take a minute to talk about men’s fashion and a couple of key points because the men’sfashion actually paralleled the women’s fashion in this era much more so than other ones.the women’s rights movement and a lot of the stuff happening all around the world forceda sort of, not a gender equality, but sort of a merging of male and female culture. therewas a lot of androgyny and there were a lot of similarities in the way that men and womendressed. the first piece is something that a mod would wear. it’s a tie. it’s in gray,which is a neutral. black and white, obviously gray is a combination of those two. and you’llnotice that the tie is much thinner than a tie that we might wear today. ties in the60’s were sometimes even thinner than this,

as thin as the back of this tie which youcan see right here. and it’s interesting, because both in the decades before and afterthe 60’s, in the 50’s and the 70’s, ties go back to being really wide. but this wouldhave been worn with a suit, a black suit and a white shirt by a mod guy. now, let’s lookat something that a hippie might have worn but a little bit later in the series. righthere is a great pattern, it’s a natural fabric. it’s a natural pattern. we have sort of thepsychedelic remnants, again. and this is sort of a take off on a shirt that you would wearunder a suit. there was still some formality among hippies. but they sort of liked to makefun of the general conventions. and so, whereas a mod would wear a normal white dress shirtand his accessories would maybe do it, a hippie

would wear this, which is a dress shirt butit’s making fun of how serious it’s supposed to be.

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