1950 Fashion Styles

do the hustle. now that i have got that outof my system, my name is rachel and i’m from austinstylewatch.com street fashion site andi’m also a freelance fashion reporter and today we are going to talk about how to findclothes from the 70’s so i myself am in a little 70’s get up today and one of the thingsi think from the 70’s and it was kind of a little landmark to the era was disco. so thisis sort of a disco look it is a one piece polyester. there was a lot of polyester inthe 70’s so a lot of what you are going to be looking for and finding when you are lookingfor 70’s clothes is going to be the polyester. it is going to be that disco era kind of polyesterstudio 54 look so there are a couple of different looks from the 70’s if you have ever watched"that 70’s show". there is a little bit of

hippie vibe mixed in with a little bit ofdisco vibe so what you are going to find and what you are going to be looking for for 70’sclothes really kind of depends whether you are going to be looking for something a littlemore costumy or whether you are just a real big fan of the era and want to kind of dressto that. so what i am primarily going to talk about today is kind of the discoey looks.one of the first places you are going to want to look to find stuff nowadays is the internet.wherever you are in the world you have got a great 70’s vintage shop it is on line soif you are in some larger towns you might be able to find vintage boutiques that carrygreat 70’s stuff and screen it for quality and everything but if you are in a smallertown you might need to turn to the internet.

my first recommendation would be e-bay. alot of stores nowadays are starting their own e-bay stores and if you look on thereyou can find a lot of great shopping options. locally there is a store called feathers inaustin, texas that also has an e-bay store. search feathers on e-bay and they have somegreat stuff that is well screened. you are not going to find any holes or cigarette burnsin your old clothes. other places to find good 70’s clothes and in fact where i gotthis wonderful one piece tangerine disco jumpsuit, good will. good will is a little bit harderto search through there is a lot of stuff there but if you go through and look for thepolyester, look for the one pieces, look for sometimes lace was big in the 70’s. it kindof was mixed with a lot of hippier looks,

kind of antique kind of hippy look and anotherthing we are probably going to find for our 70’s look are the platform shoes, the shoesthat are always seen in movies and everything the ones with the fish in them, the big goldfish platforms. these don’t exactly have gold fish in them but a lot of shoes you are goingto find from the 70’s have big platform feet, big thick high heels and big thick wedgeson the bottom. it was kind of a look of the era and again that studio 54 look. so disco,one pieces, platform shoes, e-bay, good will and vintage stores. these are places to findyour 70’s clothes.

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