1920 Fashion Style

hi, my name is rachel. i’m a freelance fashionjournalist and the owner of austin style watch.com street fashion site and i’m here today totalk to you a little bit about putting together a twenties costume for women. the twentieswere a really awesome era for women. it was really liberating. women finally got to bekind of sexual and free. so, today we’re going to kind of talk about the women of the erawhich was the flapper. and it’s a really fun costume to put together, it’s great for aparty. it’s fun to dance around in. so, this is kind of your model flapper costume. andit’s got the fringe all across it and that was for dancing and it kind of shakes aroundwhen you dance and accounts for the sort of "flap" name. this dress already has the fringeattached to it but if you would like to make

a flapper dress, it’s really simple. you cango to any fabric store or craft supply store and buy strips of this fringe and you cankind of see how the strips of the fringe are attached on here. buy your own strips andyou can either sew them on by hand or with a machine if you have one or you can evenjust hot glue them on, it’s really simple. just hot glue the strips on – instant flapperdress. now, let’s talk about beyond the dress, the other kind of trademark looks of a flapper.pearls are one really important thing. and again with the kind of flapping and swingingaround look, these are a little bit short but, the flapper pearls would hang long downthe the body and often have a knot in the middle of them. so, you’d have a long strandof pearls with a little knot and a little

bit hanging down there and it would just kindof swing around when you danced. other trademark flapper qualities, in these flapper dresses,it wasn’t a lot of cleavage. the look of the era was actually long, lean, and kind of flatand youthful and kind of nubile and young. so, flat chested girls, this is a great costumefor you. beyond that, feathered head dress with a head band and kind of a feather stuckin the side is another big flapper kind of look. lastly makeup. the look of the era wasreally into the cupids bow which is the little piece right here on your mouth. so one lookof the era was just putting a bit of lipstick on your thumb and kind of pressing it oneon each side of the lip on either side of your cupids bow. right there, right thereand then on the bottom lip. so emphasizing

the little fattest part of your lip down hereand the two pieces opposite your cupids bow and kind of a very sexy pucker. so, all thosethings combined and you’ve got your nineteen twenties flapper costume for any party.

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